We can all agree that the presence on social media matters. Whether you are an owner of a big company with a six-figure salary or a small start-up, you should make sure your profiles on the most popular social media networks have quality content and up to date information. This is how you will attract new customers, keep your old ones, and prove to everyone your business is legit. But, let’s face it. Most business owners don’t have the time to deal with their social media profiles… or at least they can’t do it regularly. So what do they do? They get a social media expert to do the job for them. And, thanks to white label social media marketing solutions, now you too can offer these services to your clients even though you don’t have a social media specialist in your company.

Are you thinking about including social media services in your offer? Then, let’s learn more about this matter!

Presence on social media networks – why does it matter?

Every agency and every business that wants to succeed, especially those who are in the digital marketing world, needs to be active on the most important social media platforms. Their profiles are allowing them to interact with (potential) customers and partners and to increase sales with the help of different campaigns and carefully placed ads. Therefore, it isn’t only important to present on social media networks. You need to be active and have the right content. This can be all done with the help of a social media expert. But what happens when a client asks you for this type of service but you know nothing about social media and its strategies? Well, the answer is simple. You opt for white labeling and resell social media marketing solutions under your own brand.

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Both big and small businesses can accomplish many things with their presence on social media networks

What is white label social media marketing?

Have you already read our article on the things you need to know about white labeling? If the answer is yes, then you already know what white labeling is and how your business can benefit from it. White labeling allows us to resel products and services under our name, logo, and brand. Therefore, thanks to white labeling, you can now offer social media services to your clients even though you know nothing about them.

This is a great thing since you don’t have to worry about coming up with the best strategies and campaigns for your clients. You can leave this matter to experts and focus on how you will sell those services. So, basically, both you and experts who will develop and run your social media campaigns will do what you are best at.

So, what’s in it for you?

Ask any white labeling expert and they will tell you that white labeling brings many good things to resellers. But, if you are still not sure whether you should go with white label social media solutions, let us tell you how you can benefit from them. Being a social media marketing reseller will help you:

  • Land more clients and contracts,
  • Keep your old clients,
  • Expand your current offering, and
  • Focus on your core values and building a strong brand.

As you can see, having an entire white-label team that deals with social media services instead of you comes with many benefits. You just need to choose wisely the form of the social media marketing that you need and that can meet your clients’ requirements completely.

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White labeling will bring you new clients and new contracts

Social media marketing solutions you can resell

White label social media marketing comes in many forms and all of them are completely re-brandable. The one you will choose needs to perfectly suit you and your clients. Also, these services need to be user-friendly, effective, and 100% re-brandable. Ideally, you will be able to get all of these forms of social media marketing and you won’t have to deal with budgetary restrictions. But, even if you can’t afford all of them or your client has specific requirements, there is nothing to worry about. What is so great about white label social media solutions is that you can blend and resell them together or you can resell them separately. Weigh the pros and cons of both of these options and see which one suits you the most.

To help you decide, we have listed and written a bit more about the major social media services. Get informed about them and choose wisely which ones you will include in your offer.

White-Label Social Media Platform

Social media management isn’t a simple thing. It is time-consuming and requires good organizational skills. This is exactly why business owners don’t want to deal with it. They simply don’t have the time to craft content, schedule posts, and monitor. What you can do to help them is resell a social media platform as a whole that will allow your clients to manage their own social media with ease.

White-Label Social Page Building

Your clients should have a beautiful, attractive, and optimized social media presence. Studies show us that people will click and stay on pages that have a recognizable and unique design. Logos, cover photos, images, and video galleries need to be carefully designed because that is what will help your clients attract people and get a bigger audience. Now, you can offer to your clients white-label social media page building services and they will get social media profiles that stand out and perfectly represent their brand. The white-label team of social media experts will take care of that while you focus on selling this service.

Experts designing white label social media solutions

Thanks to white labeling, you can offer to clients social media services designed by experts

White-Label Social Posting Services

In order to¬†get more engagement on social media, you need to publish quality content regularly. You can help your clients with this by offering them social media posting services. White-label social posting will grow your clients’ audience and engage their followers. This will all result in building a strong and recognizable brand.

Vendolabs has years of experience in reselling digital services and products. So, if you want to learn more about us or white labeling, feel free to get in touch with us. We will gladly provide you with the necessary information.